A public project by Packard Jennings and SOEX

October 23, 2006

This page was created for the project “Lottery Tickets” in 2006. To see more of Jennings’ work, go to his site:

Project description:
Packard Jennings has hand-drawn “counterfeit” scratch-off tickets for his art project “Lottery Tickets.” As a prize, each “Scratcher” has a unique message that pertains to the experiences and simple pleasures of the local community as told by residents and shop owners. Through short prose and drawn symbols, the scratch-off tickets will direct the participant’s attention to local sites and people’s experiences in the neighborhood.

Jennings’ artist-designed lottery tickets were given out with other Lottery purchases or upon request from few of the culturally engaged stores in Oakland’s Lake Merritt and Temescal districts, and San Francisco’s Mission and Western Addition districts. Each district has its own ticket design and eight unique “prizes.” The intention is to transform an instant of personal focus into a moment of contemplation about the local environment, community, and culture. Ten thousand tickets were handed out.

Santa and Unicorns

Here are the other three lottery tickets…
Bling Bling Cha-Ching!FantasmosBillionair Bootstraps!

This project is a collaboration between Packard Jennings and Southern Exposure Gallery as part of their yearlong “Off-Site” programming.

Packard’s website: http://www.centennialsociety.com/durham.html